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Skye revealed as 13th VALORANT Agent

VALORANT has revealed Skye as the latest Agent making its way to the game. The new Agent will sport a diverse kit of abilities ranging from healing, disorientation, and more. Skye will be the 13th Agent in the game and will utilize totems bringing forth different animals with a variety of attacks.

While her exact abilities have been publicly released, her video shows Skye healing teammates and nearsighting enemies. From the video alone it’s nice to see another healer added to the mix and Skye’s ability to also use some other forms of crowd control will see her tested immensely.

Skye will be coming as part of Act III but unfortunately for players wanting to play her right away she won’t be available immediately. Act III is set to drop on October 13th, however, Skye won’t be joining the cast of characters until October 27th according to Riot.

Also included in Act III and available at its launch will be the new map Icebox. This has been highly requested by almost all players of the popular first-person shooter given its limited number of maps currently available. Ascent, Bind, Split, and Haven are the only playable maps in the game currently with Ascent being released as part of the Act II update.

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