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SirActionSlacks announces Arkosh Gaming – a new NA team to challenge the pro scene

Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner takes the downtime for LAN tournaments to surprise the Dota 2 community with a new project. It’s not a new tournament format as many would have expected and it’s not a new video content series.

This time around SirActionSlacks will embrace the team manager job to build what he calls a team that will “remind everyone that NA Dota still exists.” In a special streaming session from October 30 evening, SirActionSlacks announced the inception of Arkosh Gaming which he states that will feature a full NA roster featuring players at 8-9K MMR. Before the streaming session, a video was released on Youtube to tease the announcement, which was also followed by an AMA session with the stream viewers.

During the official announcement made live on Twitch.tv, five players were announced, but their identities were hidden behind pseudonyms.

For those looking to crack a hard puzzle, the Arkosh Gaming roster is:

  • Gremlow
  • Canus Lupus
  • The Pale Horse
  • Dr. Crow
  • The G.O.A.T (captain)

During the AMA session, SirActionSlacks gave a few details on his players’ personalities and habits, giving perhaps a hint or two about their real identities. For instance, Gremlow is the team’s carry player, a “low level gremlin” who escaped from Team Secret’s basement”.

Canus Lupus is the team’s second carry, who usually doesn’t speak much and howls every time the in-game nighttime comes. He was also described by SirActionSlacks as a “werewoof,” Dr. Crow was compared to a scientist looking to cure NA toxicity.

While no other details were revealed, SirActionSlacks ensured that all these are real top tier NA Dota 2 players that will fight very soon in the upcoming competitions in NA and even in any other region, to make sure that the fans hear about the existence of North American Dota.

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