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Singed player stops Baron and snags 1-vs-5 pentakill in League of Legends

Poison Trail OP.

A League of Legends player taught the enemy team an important lesson—keep away from poison.

The player posted a video last night showcasing a one-vs-five pentakill with Singed that also prevented the opposing squad from snagging a Baron.

After realizing that the enemy team was on Baron, the Singed player popped Ghost and Insanity Potion (R) to get as much movement speed as possible. The player then tossed Mega Adhesive (W) into the pit to claim their first quick kill on an already-hurt Soraka.

The Mad Chemist continued their destruction by running directly in the middle of three enemies, slowing and damaging them with Poison Trail (Q). Despite trying to Rocket Jump away, the enemy Tristana was next on the chopping block.

As Singed went to take out Ahri next, the enemy Malphite tried to save the day with a devastating ultimate that left the chemist with a sliver of health. But the fed player simply tossed Malphite over their shoulder and ran away, rapidly killing the Shard of the Monolith. Seeing a low-health Singed, the Garen used Flash to close the gap but was quickly consumed by poison and died before they could get close.

With only Ahri remaining, Singed dodged a couple of skill shots, threw an adhesive on the ground, tossed the mage into some poison, and claimed the coveted pentakill.

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