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Schalke 04 Supports FIFA Pro’s Decision Not to Pay to Play

In addition to its effect on competitive integrity at the top level, Reichert also notes that EA’s model impact’s the esport even more at an amateur level. Players like Schwartmann who are signed to a pro team will typically have their in-game transactions paid for by the organization. However, if you are a new player aspiring to go pro, you’ll either need to find that two grand on your own or run the extra mile alongside Schwartmann. 

“We are not addressing this for a better business model,” explained Schalke 04 Esports Chief Gaming Officer Tim Reichert, “but a better chance for all the players out there to fight their way to the top of the world or their country or their city or their village. Everyone should have the chance to be the best like we do see in almost any other sport and esport.”

According to Reichert, there has been no response from EA regarding the decision.

“We hope that EA will realize that [pay-to-win] will always lead to an unfair competition and that this is clashing with the values of sport and with that said all competitions will be played without the [pay-to-win] teams.”

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