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Riot Games will launch a Hotfix to balance some Patch 10.23 issues

Earlier this week, Riot Games announced the official notes of Patch 10.23, the update that would change the League of Legends we know into a “new game”, and the introduction to the 2021 Pre-Season.

The Patch was huge, the Item Shop was completely changed, new items, the ‘Mythic Items‘, were introduced, and the old ones, transformed.

It is not difficult to have some problems among such big changes, and that is what Riot Games Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter, has communicated today that, due to some balance issues, they have been forced to inject a Hotfix into the game.

Preseason Balance Hotfix coming tonight:

We know there is lots lots more to do in the next few patches, just starting to chip away at the most out of balance items and champs. pic.twitter.com/c7MPYQHQZn

— Mark Yetter (@MarkYetter) November 13, 2020


Item Changes:

Four items will suffer a nerf:

  • Eclipse: its damage decreases from 8 to 6% of the maximum Health Points, and its Movement Speed decreases from 30 to 15%
  • Liandries Torment: its Ramping pen is nerfed, from “5% per second up to 25%” to “5% per second up to 15%“.
  • Lichbane: the Spell blade Ability Power ratio decreases from 60 to 50%.
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade: its cost increases from 2600 to 2800 gold, and its On-Hit damage per 20% critic chance is reduced from 45 to 40.

Plus, all the items designed to be Ability Power Jungle Starters will receive a buff that consists of an increase of the Burn Damage AP Ratio, from 10 to 20%.

Finally, the Moonstone Renewer will receive a Bugfix to “Properly trigger when healing an ally who is in combat”.

Champion changes:

Viktor will receive a nerf with the Hotfix, with which his E1 Ability Power ratio will be reduced from 70 to 50%, while the E aftershock base damage decreases in the late levels, changing from 20-180 to 20-140.

On the other hand, Kassadin receives a buff, that increases his health per level from 90 to 105, and reduces his ultimate‘s base mana cost from 50 to 40.

Riot Games previously claimed to be aware of problems that may happen alongside the release of the last Patch, so we can expect this Hotfix to be the first of… who knows, but we will be here to tell you!

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