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PSG.LGD take down Elephant.4AM to win the CDA-FDC Professional Championship title

CDA-FDC Professional Championship came to an end with a rather anticipated PSG.LGD versus Elephant.4AM best-of-five battle for the title and delivered an epic rollercoaster that took the fans up to a decisive game five.

The series started with a fast and well executed pushing draft coming from 4AM, who were able to overwhelm PSG in the defense with a core Nature’s Prophet, Leshrac, Chen and a carry Troll Warlord that was pushing with the team at all times. They changed their tactic in game two, despite that none of these heroes got banned and tried to power through LGD’s Lifestealer – Elder Eitan combo with Drow Ranger and Ember Spirit, but to no avail.

PSG.LGD were able to take a lead in the series after winning game three as well, courtesy of Wang “Ame” Chunyu Anti-Mage, who was involved in 24 of the total 26 kills scored by his team. However, 4AM had the lead for the majority of the game, going once again with a push tactic similar with game one. For the fourth game of the series, PSG.LGD decided to take Nature’s Prophet and Leshrac for themselves, but banned Chen and instead chose to have Earthshaker and Abaddon in the support lines. Their plan was countered by 4AM with the Mars-Phoenix combo and an overall extremely powerful team-fight line-up.

Headed into the decisive match, 4AM kept the Mars-Phoenix-Undying trio and put all their hopes in Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun’s Arc Warden, but although they didn’t reveal the carry pick early, PSG.LGD were already preparing for a minus armor strategy to annihilate their team fight potential. They picked Slardar in the first phase of the draft and followed it with Vengeful Spirit along with Drow Ranger and a mid lane Magnus that was actually the key factor in securing the tournament title.

The CDA-FDC Professional Championship victory represents the fifth overall tournament title for PSG.LGD this year, and it’s their second in a row with the new line-up, which was signed mid-September this year, during the big Chinese shuffle. For Elephant.4AM, CDA-FDC Professional Championship marked their competitive debut and so far they’ve been defeated by only two teams, namely PSG.LGD in the hard fought BO5 grand finals and by Royal Never Give Up, who took them down twice during the event.

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