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Patch 10.19 full notes: Samira, changes for Worlds, and insane Skins

Last week, the details of the upcoming Patch 10.19 were revealed. The new update will be played at Worlds and also brings the long-awaited new AD Carry: Samira.

With a new announcement on their official website, Riot Games has just confirmed all the changes that this new patch will bring to the Rift, changes that are “focused on tidying things up for the championship, which means levelling the playing field so that not one figure is dwarfing the rest”.

New Champion: Samira

Samira comes to the live servers with this new Patch and an amazing set of abilities:

  • Passive – Daredevil Impulse: Chaining non-repeating abilities (and basic attacks) increases Samira’s Style grade by one letter, from “E” to “S” rank. Every Style grade gives her bonus movement speed. Samira can also damage enemies at range with her guns or with her sword in melee range; the latter dealing bonus magic damage. Samira can also juggle enemies who are movement-impaired by her allies in the air, extending the displacement.
  • Q – Flair: Samira fires a shot at her enemies directly when at range with her guns. Enemies in melee range will instead be damaged by a slash of her sword.
  • W – Blade Whirl: Samira slashes the area around her with her sword, damaging enemies in the vicinity twice and destroying any enemy missiles in the area at cast and that enter the area after the fact.
  • E – Wild Rush: Samira dashes through an enemy or ally, dealing magic damage to any enemies passed through and gaining bonus attack speed for a duration. Takedowns of enemy champions reset Wild Rush’s cooldown.
  • R – Inferno Trigger: Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, wildly attacking any enemies around her 10 times over a duration. Each shot deals physical damage, applies lifesteal, and can critically strike. Samira can only cast Inferno Trigger if her current Style grade is at “S” (the max grade).

You can check Samira’ stats for each ability here.


Nerfed Champions:

Azir: his ‘W’ passive bonus attack speed decreases from 20-60 to 10-50%

Twisted Fate: his base movement speed is reduced from 335 to 330.

Caitlyn: her base attack damage decreases from 64 to 62.

Senna ADC: her Passive Mist wraith spawn on minion kill will be less probable, from 8.33% to 4.166%

Akali: her ‘Q’ damage is reduced from 35-135 to 30-130.

Lucian: his attack damage per level decreases from 2.75 to 2.3.

Buffed Champions:

Ahri (follow up): her ‘W’ cooldown is reduced from 10-6 to 9-5, its mana cost is also reduced from 55 to 40.

Sivir: her Passive movement speed increases from 30-50 to 35-55.

Vayne: her ‘R’ attack damage buff increases from 25-55 to 35-55.

Aphelios: the attack damage per level will increase by 2.4 instead of 2.

Sylas: his ‘R’ cooldown decreases from 100-60 to 100-40.

Ivern: the ‘E’ slow amount will increase from 40-60% to 50-70%

Udyr Phoenix: his ‘R’ cone damage increases from 50-275 (+60%AP) to 50-325 (+70%AP)

Irelia: her ‘R’ barrage damage increases from 125-325 to 125-375, and her ‘R’ perimeter damage increases from 125-275 to 125-375 too.

Skins and Chromas:

With the new Patch 10.19, the ‘Psy-Ops‘ skins set brings brand new astonishing designs for five champions: Pyke, Viktor, Zed, Samira, and Kayle.

All of them will have their own chromas, to choose between eight colours with each skin!

But the Psy-Ops set is not the only thing coming. This year’s Championship skin has been revealed and comes with the new version to our games dressing up LeBlanc:

Championship LeBlanc will also come with its own Chromas, and we will be able to choose between three different colours!

And last but not least, we will be able to purchase in the store a new Yasuo skin to keep the show running: True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition

In the Patch 10.19 Official Notes, Riot Games also explains what changes they have done to balance the “One for All” game mode, the balance changes that they have also performed for “ARAM“, and several bugfixes and QoL changes that you can check here.

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