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Organization Hero Base Founded in Brazil With AORUS and Itaú Bank Sponsorship – The Esports Observer

Brazilian Fortnite influencer João “Flakes Power” Sampaio is founding a new content creation and esports organization named Hero Base. Initially focused exclusively on Fortnite, the organization unveiled on Thursday launches with sponsorship from Itaú, one of the main banks of the country, and GIGABYTE-owned PC gaming hardware brand AORUS.

The investment in the project allows it to start with a mansion in Joinville, Brazil, in which the influencers and players will live while creating content and competing in Fortnite events. In a press conference attended by The Esports Observer, Sampaio revealed that the plan is to expand the project to other esports.

The Hero Base is the first step from Itaú into the esports environment. According to Robson Harada, head of growth marketing at Itaú, the brand chose to enter it through endemic influencers rather than through competitions and leagues, because of the connections these creators have with their audiences. Harada also revealed that agreements with other personalities from the gaming and esports world will be announced by the bank.

Sampaio has the biggest Fortnite content channel in Latin America, having nearly 6M subscribers on YouTube. He is also the esports ambassador for Red Bull, and is licensing his brand Flakes Power to products such as gaming peripherals and food supplements. The Hero Base project starts with him and three other Fortnite players, with one of them focused on the competitive scene promoted by Epic Games. Other players and influencers are to be announced on the following days.

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