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Nintendo's long running Pokémon franchise heads into the MOBA market with Pokémon Unite

Pokémon has been around for some time, with multiple games
on Nintendo devices, plus the extremely popular Pokémon Go on mobile devices.
But now, Pokémon is moving into a new battle genre – MOBA.

Announced just a short time ago by Nintendo, they will be
working with Tencent’s TiMi Studios – famous for the likes of Call of Duty:
Mobile, Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile, to create a game that will come to both
the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. From their presentation, the game
will be “free to start”, which does entail that at a later stage there may be
in-app purchases available, possibly similar to the way in which League of
Legends allows for buying of champions.

Gameplay wise, Pokémon Unite will feature two teams of five,
with each player controlling their own specific Pokémon choice, fighting to
gain as many points as possible before their opponent does in the allotted time.
To gain points, teams must fight and capture wild Pokémon, which in turn helps
their own Pokémon level up and earn new moves or evolve. While one of the major
systems of the Pokémon games will be removed, that of “type advantage”, Pokémon
Unite still features a plethora of abilities and moves that can give players an
advantage across the map.


In the video above there is a short view of the action which we can expect to see although at this moment in time, there is no release date set for the game. Although this is just a game for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch, it will be interesting to see just what Tencent can bring out of the massive selection of Pokémon available and with a cross-platform system, Pokémon Unite is sure to be tried by thousands globally.

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