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Newbee face further investigations for theft in Fortnite

Just when we thought the problems within the Newbee
organisation had come to an end, more evidence has now been dug up against them
– this time in the Fortnite circles as they have been accused of not paying
their players.

In May of this year, the Newbee Dota 2 team was caught in a
massive match-fixing saga which ended with the entire organisation being thrown
out of multiple events by the organisers. This included the CDA, which they
were founding members of, as well as any future IMBA tournaments. While this
took place some time ago now and it was thought that this was the end of the
drama for the famed Chinese organisation, it seems that new evidence has been
brought against Newbee – this time in a different game, Fortnite.

According to a post on Twitter by a Fortnite coach in both the European and Asia regions, Rhidax, the Newbee organisation have neglected to pay out a total of over $100,000 to players since the Fortnite World Cup which took place last year. The Tweets from Rhidax show screenshots of conversations with players who are unable to claim back any of the lost money due to the organisation’s ties to the government.

The images above come from Rhidax and show a conversation with the player WenQian, who has apparently lost out on over $10,000 himself. The player seems to be demotivated to even try to get his owed money, considering the way in which the organisation is run. The screenshot below is from an unnamed source that is close to the players, according to Rhidax, and states that the organisation has “swallowed” the money and they have no hopes of getting it back.

Finally, we have a comment from one of the players, xxm, who posted the following on the VPGame report of this,

I am xxm, Newbee have been long gone. The court can’t find them and the case keeps being postponed.”

Unfortunately for these players, it seems that the Newbee organisation took full advantage of them – and at such a young age for a lot of the Fortnite community, this definitely sours their views on the esports industry. For the Newbee organisation, this just adds another blemish on their already heavily tainted record as we now wait to see if they are held accountable for their theft much like they were in Dota 2.

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