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New York Subliners sign HyDra to round out 2021 CDL roster

After a bit of a dry spell for Call of Duty League signings, the New York Subliners have made a roster announcement. To fill out their 2021 line-up, New York has signed Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez. As HyDra is a French amateur and previously unknown talent, this was an expected move. However, it still doesn’t diminish the fact that the Subliners could have a deadly roster in 2021. HyDra has quickly moved up the amateur ranks and has been said to be a “freak” when it comes to Call of Duty. Although, we’re still not sure if he’s starting.

HyDra to join the New York Subliners

This was a move that was leaked a couple of weeks ago. After signing James “Clayster” Eubanks, the Subliners supposedly wanted another young talent to accompany Mackenzie “Mack” Kelley on the roster. It appears that this young talent is HyDra.

New York threw together a pretty entertaining welcome video for the French phenom. Complete with trickshots and other random highlights, the organization seems thrilled to bring HyDra aboard.

During the 2020 CDL, the French amateur played with a variety of teams, but mainly with TrainHard Esports. That roster placed well at several events, but those who watched knew that HyDra would be on to bigger and better things soon. His gameplay simply outmatched those around him.

However, even with this pedigree going into 2021, there’s still not a confirmed answer about his position. Many assume HyDra will be on the starting roster, but rumors have swirled that New York is still looking for another player. Perhaps the plan is to start HyDra on the bench and then transition him into a starting role later on. Or, the Subliners will end up placing him along with Clayster, Mack, and ZooMma when the 2021 season begins.

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