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New LoL Jungler 'Lillia' to be released next July 22nd

Some time ago, in their Champion Roadmap for June 2020, Riot Games told us about a new jungler coming on, that was going to be a “mid-range skirmisher, frolicking in and out of the fray”.

Apart from that “information”, they also let us see a gif with an ability that makes us think that we are talking about a magic champ:


In their announcement, Riot Games also told us about a new assassin coming after this jungler and claims that we will get a chance to form bonds with both champions in a big summer event coming this month.

We don’t know anything else about this second release. All we have is another image provided by Riot that shows a dark silhouette:

But there is no big release without leaks. Many rumors have been running around the community and we have three possible leaks that give us more information about the first Champion release: the release of Lillia.

Dreams of a New Jungler

That is the title that Riot Games chose to introduce us to the new Champion, but they didn’t give any names.

Thanks to our first leak, we know that it will be Lillia, and this information comes after two of the audio archives for this champ were accidentally activated on PBE during the Patch 10.14 cycle.

In the first archive, we can hear a dark voice, similar to Thresh’s or even Karthus’, saying “They took your home, Lillia. Do not forget this loss. Let it course through you”.

With the same voice, we have the second audio, that says: “Poor lost spirits beckoning in to bloom… I’ve been waiting for you”.

From these sentences, we could understand that this Champion could be related to spirits, plants, fights, and revenge… nothing very specific.

The second leak is a token called ‘Lilia’s Haiku:

A new loot item is now on the PBE: Lillia’s Haiku
“You discovered Lillia in the forest. Openable on July 22nd, 2020 at 12:00 p.m PT.” pic.twitter.com/0XndwkX4Ay

— moobeat (@moobeat) June 30, 2020


Riot announced a big summer event coming up soon, and it means that Lillia should arrive sooner than later. Now we know that Lillia’s Haiku is coming this month, on July 22nd… the same day that Patch 10.15 is released.

Last July 3, we had our last leak, and maybe the most interesting: a possible Lilia’s Splash Art:

Lillia’s Potential Splash Art

I am aware that Lillia’s Splash Art got leaked around League Communities.#LeagueofLegends #RiotGames pic.twitter.com/Xlpuqk2No5

— ✨ ThePotatoWard ✨ (@ThePotatoWard) July 4, 2020


This jungler’s splash art actually matches the description and images that Riot provided us in their Champion Roadmap. Lillia presents an aspect that is very similar to Neeko’s and looks like she carries a weapon in one hand, while can summon spells with the other.

That confirms the “magical” aspect we were talking about, and could also fit the gif above.

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