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Madden Championship Series Reveals New and Returning Sponsors for 2020-21 Season

The EA Sports Madden NFL 21 Championship Series has announced five new and returning sponsors for its upcoming season. Returning partners Pizza Hut and SNICKERS are joined by Oakley, Gillette, and Campbell’s Chunky soup brand, continuing the MCS’ streak of signing entirely non-endemic partners.

Gillette is expanding its partnership with the NFL and Madden 21 to the MCS to promote an offer on its NFL Team Razor product line. Campbell’s Chunky likewise expands on its existing NFL relationship, and will be involved in a new tournament which will take place later in the season. Oakley now serves as the presenting sponsor for a new Madden-themed content series in which Los Angeles Chargers running back Derwin James competes against various celebrities.

“As an official marketing partner of the NFL we’re committed to driving relevance with the varied levels of professional football fans,” Mars Wrigley U.S. senior media manager Amanda Zaky told The Esports Observer. “Our decade-long advertising relationship with Madden NFL and year-over-year corporate sponsorship of the MCS has carved out a unique home for SNICKERS in the world of gaming and esports while maintaining our authentic brand ties to NFL culture with the next generation of football fans.” 

As with previous years, the majority of MCS sponsors have a pre-existing relationship with the NFL, and have expanded that partnership to include Madden esports. According to EA franchise advertising lead Alex Nunez, this creates a natural synergy for fans between the NFL and esports viewing experiences.

“We’re a non-traditional esports that straddles the line between the real and virtual world of professional football,” he told TEO, “and we want our partnerships to be a reflection of what makes our product so unique. … You’ll see that we have familiar connections to NFL campaigns with these five brands that we have here, but what we’re trying to do is to extend and amplify those NFL campaigns through a gamified and culturally relevant lens that resonates with the next generation of NFL fans.”

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