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Lillia is here: abilities, gameplay, and skins detailed

After many weeks of rumors, leaks, and confusion, Riot Games have finally revealed what was no longer a secret: Lillia, “The Bashful Bloom”.

It seems like all the leaks were true. The new Champion is a magic creature coming from Ionia. According to its lore, Lillia grew up in the depths of a hidden forest that draws on a different kind of magic.


She is supposed to hit the Summoner’s Rift with next Patch 10.15, but we already know the details about her gameplay, spells, and her first skin.


Passive: Dream-Laden Bough

Lillia’s abilities apply Dream Dust, dealing a portion of the target’s maximum health as magic damage over a duration.

Q – “Blooming Blows

Lillia swings her branch in the air and deals magic damage to nearby enemies, dealing true damage to those at the outer edge of the circle. When she successfully lands the attack, Lillia also gets movement speed.

W – Watch Out! Eep!

Lillia winds up for a huge strike with her branch, dealing magic damage to enemies. Enemies at the center of the impact receive more damage.

E – Swirlseed

Lillia lobs a Swirlseed overhead, dealing magic damage to enemies and slowing them for a duration. If Lillia’s Swirlseed misses, it’ll continue to roll until it hits an enemy or collides with the terrain.

R – Lilting Lullaby

Lillia casts a lullaby over her enemies and those affected by her Dream Dust become increasingly slowed before falling asleep for a duration of time. When awakened by damage, enemies will take additional magic damage.

Do you want to see how these spells look like in the game? Check this video:


As we can see at the end of the video, Lillia will be released with a skin: Spirit Blossom

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