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Krafton Announces PUBG Mobile Replacement for India: Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Esports Observer

PUBG Mobile will return to India, albeit under a new name, according to an announcement from South Korean video game developer Krafton, Inc. The game will be released under the new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and will be launched as a free-to-play offering on mobile devices. There will be a pre-registration period before launch (at a date to be announced later).

Krafton said in its announcement that it will work with partners to build an esports ecosystem and also provide India-exclusive events. Given the recent investment in India-based Nodwin Gaming, it is highly likely that it will help Krafton with these endeavors.

The return of PUBG Mobile has been rumored since the game was banned last year, but most of this reporting was speculation. This is the first time since its ban that Krafton has officially announced anything related to the game.

Krafton added in its announcement that privacy and data security are its top priority. I did not disclose if this “new game” has been approved by the Indian government.

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