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Interview with G2 'Mikyx' after a new loss in LEC: "it is a lack of preparation"

G2 Esports did not have the best first half of LEC Summer Split. They barely managed to win half of the games they had, and that is why the current European Champions are now sharing the third position with Misfits Gaming with a score of 5-4.

The last game of this first half of the regular season was an enormous chain of mistakes that led the ninjas to a crazy loss against Excel Esports.

Despite the bad result, G2 Esports’ main Support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle wanted to talk with VPEsports about his feelings and conclusions about the season.

Enjoy it!

Hello Mikyx, thank you very much for being here, you just had your last game of this first half of the LEC Summer Split against Excel, and the game was kind of a throw, don’t you think so?

Yeah, it definitely was a bit of a throw, I think we had a pretty decent start, our Azir got kind of far ahead, and I was just chilling in the side-lanes, farming it up… but then we got caught once or twice, and after they got Nashor it was very hard to play.

But even then, we could have still won if we got the Infernal, but it got stolen as well… (laughs) after that we lost every fight and then they won.

That Infernal steal was very crazy, did you actually see it? Or were you guys like “what the hell happened here”?

Actually we kind of thought that we got it, we were like “ok guys, we got Drake, let’s just get out”, and we kind of realize after that we didn’t get it (laughs), it was a little bit awkward, but it happens I guess…

You played Wukong-Senna in the bot lane with P1noy, in his first weekend in LEC. Did you actually practice it?

We did play a bit Senna in scrims, but never with Wukong bot, so I was kind of first-timing Wukong. I only played it one time in SoloQ, and I did good enough, it seems pretty broken, so I was just like “sure, pick me Wukong, I saw how other people play it”. It seems decent, and you can also flex it… plus, it was not a blind pick.

I feel like we didn’t have anything else to pick, so I said yes to play it for the first time, I felt confident and comfortable with Wukong.

And how is it playing with P1noy?

It was fun, he brought a lot of ideas to bot lane, and it was fun scriming with him because we actually tried a lot of different stuff that I didn’t play with Perkz before, even though he plays a lot of champions.

On one side it was like a bit awkward because we didn’t play the same AD Carries with Perkz, so it was like different but still enjoyable. I like scriming with him.

What are your feelings about this first part of the split?

For sure it didn’t go as expected. I thought we maybe drop one or two games… for sure we lost more than I would imagine, but still, I don’t feel that bad about it. We still think we are going to make it to Playoffs and I will be very confident when that comes around.

I would like to ask the fans to keep supporting us and be aware that in Playoffs we still are going to be the best.

We know that G2 didn’t have the best start due to personal issues, you couldn’t scrim, now you have to change your main AD Carry… and still, you are having a positive result. Do you think that these are the main problems? Where there other reasons like lack of motivation or practice?

I think it is maybe a lack of good preparation I guess… because I think that most of the games we lost, except maybe today, were due to confusing drafts. I think the draft is a very big part of playing the game, and I think we just didn’t talk enough about all the possibilities and things we want to do in drafts.

We were like pretty neural and we didn’t have as many options as we could have for example last split or last year, where we just drafted a lot of different stuff. Now we just focus on one thing and draft around that.

I think if we just discuss it more, and also it comes just with scriming a lot, it makes it much easier. If we talk a lot about drafts and talk about the games, then we should be ready to go.

And what about you personally? How do you feel about this first half of the split?

Personally, I think I have been playing all right, I had one really bad game on Tahm Kench against Vitality, but I think other than that I am just kind of doing my job.

I have been playing decently well, I would say.

Apart from the game, how are you personally? Are you motivated and excited about this? Because as we talked in previous interviews, you guys have won almost everything and one gets tired of being always the best at the same thing so… how are you?

Right now, in the regular season, there has been a lot of different stuff going on, so I didn’t actually play that much SoloQ, so I guess I wasn’t that motivated.

But I am motivated in learning new hobbies. For example, I am learning to play the piano, I am doing a lot of exercises, and I am learning Japanese so… I am doing a lot of stuff out of the game. Still, I think when Playoffs comes around I will go back to just play a lot of SoloQ, and probably the same for the rest of the team.

That was my last question, is there anything you want to say to the people who support you?

Thanks for supporting us. So far, it hasn’t been the best split, our best start of the split, but I am pretty sure, when Playoffs comes around, we should be really fine so just keep your heads up… it is going to be fun!

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