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Insane Rapier comeback from Yang saves Elephant.4AM from elimination

CDA-FDC Professional Championship playoffs stage reached the elimination series today with China’s super team Elephant.4AM fighting for survival in their first tournament appearance.

After keeping the headlines for weeks given their controversial roster formation, Elephant.4AM failed to meet the fans expectations in the debut series at CDA-FDC Professional Championship. However, as the tournament progressed, the only team that managed to take them down proved to be Royal Never Give Up. They’ve done it twice in a row and the second defeat sent 4AM to the lower bracket rounds. Today’s battle for survival against Invictus Gaming started fairly well, with Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun and Lu “Maybe” Yao absolutely crushing on Terrorblade and Void Spirit respectively. But, their spotless performance from game one was stained by a disastrous game two, where Maybe tested the waters with a long forgotten hero, namely Razor.

The series went from bad to worse for 4AM, as in the decisive game they aligned an objective taking draft with Maybe on Leshrac, Zhou “Yang” Haiyang on Beastmaster, a position four Nature’s Prophet and Eurus on Arc Warden. Given their rather greedy line-up, iG’s trio core Drow Ranger, Doom and Void Spirit proved to be more effective and at the end of countless back and forth battles, they were the first to claim the first lane of barracks. With Eurus constantly needing more farm to survive the Spirit Void – Doom – Drow high damage output, it was all in Yang’s power to find the best possible angles in the team fights to keep iG under control and he delivered just that. His on spot reactions delivered the comeback option for his team in the last five minutes of the game, when he claimed Drow Ranger’s Divine Rapier and proceeded on wiping iG in their own base.

Invictus Gaming is now the first team to leave the tournament in the playoffs stage. They ended their CDA-FDC Professional Championship run in the top six and will be followed today by either Team Aster or EHOME, who fight against each other in the first round of the lower bracket. 


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