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Faceless Void makes the top eight of the Arcana Vote once again

Arcanas are often some of our absolute favourite items in
Dota 2 and every year the Battle Pass gives the community a chance to vote on
which hero will receive the next Arcana – and for The International 10, we’re
down to the top eight.

The International 10 Battle Pass has already confirmed three
Arcana within its level-up system, with two of these already been released:
Queen of Pain’s The Eminence of Ristul set and Wraith King’s The One True King
set. One final Arcana remains to be seen, that of Windranger – Compass of the
Rising Gale, after she was the runner-up behind Ogre Magi in last year’s Arcana
Vote. Those three Arcana aside, the vote will still give us a fourth Arcana
this year – this one decided by the Dota 2 community.

Currently the Arcana Vote has reached its top eight and
enters the quarter-final stage, with four of the candidates also being in the
top eight of the TI9 Arcana Vote. At the top of the voting so far has been
Faceless Void, receiving a total of 10,4 million votes as he trounced Chaos
Knight in the previous round, followed by Spectre who claimed a total of 9,59
million votes. However, these two heroes are still not up against one another
in the quarter-final voting, so it is likely that they both make it through
into the next round.

  • Lion versus Faceless Void
  • Spectre versus Sven
  • Sniper versus Anti-Mage
  • Invoker versus Witch Doctor

Although Faceless Void was a runner-up for the TI8 Arcana
Vote, he remains the only hero to make it to the final two and not receive an
Arcana – which could possibly explain the high number of votes for the hero.
However, after Ogre Magi won last year, we could see the community show Witch
Doctor some love. For now, the voting is open as we look forward to seeing which
heroes make it into the final four of the Arcana Vote.

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