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ESL One Germany: Team Liquid demolish Team Secret in the lower bracket

Team Liquid got the best out of Team Secret in the lower bracket rounds of ESL One Germany and advance to the top 3 after a completely surprising GG call from those who have been dominating the Europe and CIS region with eight tournaments victories in a row.

Team Secret were undoubtedly the absolute favorites for the ESL One Germany title, but the scarier they got over the past six months, the more they got studied and figured out by the rest of the competitors. The first sign of a possible ending of their domination came two days ago, in the upper bracket semi finals, where mudgolems bested them 2-0. Today’s battle for a spot in the lower bracket finals pitted Secret against the other team that took a series from them since the competitive scene shifted to online competitions, namely Team Liquid.

Game one looked like secured by Team Secret, who were in full control from the start of the laning stage till the 30-minute mark. Around the 20 minute mark they were already taking down barracks from Liquid and seemed unstoppable. However, Team Liquid’s game plan relied on their carry Phantom Assassin and the coordination between Samuel “Boxi” Svahn and Tommy “Taiga” Le, who just like at Omega League swapped the roles, allowing Taiga to showcase his offlane Enigma.

Three team-fights won in a row past the 30-minute mark by Liquid, courtesy of spot on initiations with Boxi’s support Void Spirit followed by clutch Black Holes from Taiga, who kept Secret’s core controlled, brought Team Secret’s downfall and the game one victory for Liquid.

Headed into the second game of the series, Liquid came determined to prevent Secret from dominating the early game and went for a highly mobile trio core, Storm Spirit – Timbersaw – Spectre to hunt down Secret in every lane. The game took a disastrous turn for Secret once they tried to force an early five man brawl for the mid lane tier one tower. From there on, their cores fell behind in farm and continued to feed Liquid with every team fight. At the 25-minute mark, although they still had all tier two towers up, Team Secret decided that they have no comeback mechanic up their sleeves and after another disastrous clash they called the GG, exiting the tournament just in the top four.

The day continues at ESL One Germany with the upper bracket final between Natus Vincere and mudgolems. The winners will secure themselves a spot into the grand finals, while the loser will have to deal with Team Liquid tomorrow, October 31 in the lower bracket finals.  

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