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Elephant keep the losing streak going at China DPC Regional League

The second week in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) China League started with yet another loss for the super-lineup of Elephant, while Team Aster continued to surpass expectations.

The first day of the week in the Upper Division opened with Vici Gaming making quick work of Team MagMa to maintain their lead in the league with a spotless 2-0 series score so far. The next match-up pitted Team Aster against Elephant, who were looking to salvage the slow start in the DPC from last week, but who, unfortunately for their fans, ended up losing yet another series. If last week Elephant were able to steal a game from Invictus Gaming, today they found themselves outdrafted and outplayed by China’s veteran captain, Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng.

They started the draft with an Io carry and matched Aster’s push capability with a Death Prophet mid, planning to focus on objectives and end the game before Aster’s Beastmaster and Troll Warlord would start to melt down the buildings.

An early rotation from Lu “Maybe” Yao on DP, allowed Elephant to take Aster’s safe lane tier one tower around the 7 minute mark, however, they pressed the issue too much and because Io also rotated with the team early, his support was left feeding Aster’s Beastmaster. Elephant’s game plan was shattered in a couple of team fights and despite Io reaching level 20 for the  +60 Spirits Hero Damage, as well as having the Aghanim’s completed, Elephant’s team fight coordination looked broken.

Heading into the second game, China’s master drafter LaNm forced Elephant to play against an Alchemist tempo game by picking the hero last in the draft. Elephant focused their draft on burst damage, but their strategy was hard to execute against Aster’s Oracle – Winter Wyvern save duo and they once again found themselves outpaced by the adversaries. The game ended just before the 30 minute mark with the Alchemist already six slotted.

Aster’s 2-0 victory over Elephant puts them in second place in the standings, just one game point behind Vici Gaming, who lead the charts with 4-0 games score. For Elephant, this is the second defeat in a row and from here on, they need to find their stride if they aim at a top two finish in the first season of DPC regional leagues. China received four slots to the Major, but only the top two finishers in the Upper Division will get a direct invite, while the third and fourth placed teams will be heading to a Wild Card decider, where they will play against teams from other regions.

headline picture courtesy of Perfect World

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