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DrDisrespect finally speaks after permanent Twitch ban

Prominent online personality DrDisrespect (Guy Beahm) has finally commented on his ban from popular streaming platform, Twitch. With the news of his ban making its rounds on June 26th, fans and others in the gaming industry desperately tried to figure out what had happened.

For hours the only official word from Twitch was more of a PR statement regarding their handling of streamers who break their Terms of Service (TOS).

Since then it had been radio silence regarding the matter from both DrDisrespect as well as Twitch. A day later on the night of June 27th, however, the Doc finally spoke.

And in a shocking turn of events, even he doesn’t seem to know why he’s been banned. He states that “Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision” although that would be a matter of semantics and he could know why he’s banned without Twitch having told him.

He goes on to thank his community for their support and ends his post with a signature.

As of now everything is speculative in terms of why he’s been permanently banned from the platform with people throwing accusations of crimes as well as the whole thing being a publicity stunt.

Several figures in the scene with connections have stated while they’re aware of the reason, they’re uncomfortable sharing it which has made many even crazier ideas surface.

Regardless, this “scandal” has trended on Twitter and brought the entire gaming community to its knees begging to know why was the Doc banned?

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