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Dota 2: Dota Summit 13 Begins Soon, Will Be Sponsored By Valve

We will be able to watch yet another interesting Dota 2 event in just a few days.

COVID-19 had a negative impact on almost everything, including the Dota 2 pro scene. There are nearly no LAN events anymore, which means that every tournament is played online.

Consequently, the prize pools are significantly lower than usual, due to the lack of sponsors.  That’s why Valve decided to support some of the third-party tournament organizers in order to keep the professional scene alive.

One of the tournaments that will receive financial support from Valve is Beyond the Summit 13, which will arrive later this October. This event will have a $250K USD prize pool, which will be divided among the three competitive regions. Apart from Europe & CIS, BTS will also host an event in North & South America, as well as Southeast Asia.

If you want to watch the beginning of this event, you will have to wait a few days because the tournament begins on October 21. Despite that, we still don’t have any official information about the teams, nor the open qualifiers. Of course, we expect to see all of the best teams in the world because the prize pool is really impressive.

If you want to know more information about the teams and the format of the event, make sure you follow ESTNN. Don’t forget that ESL One Germany still hasn’t come to an end. In fact, we have two more weeks of epic action.

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