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Craig Santicchia Exits Fnatic to Launch Wolfpad Gaming – The Esports Observer

Craig Santicchia has left London-based esports organization Fnatic to launch his own company called Wolfpad Gaming Ltd. Santicchia spent nearly three and a half years at Fnatic as its partner development director, where he worked with such brands as Monster Energy, OnePlus, BMW, AMD, Ben & Jerry’s, Gucci, UNICEF, AB InBev, Parimatch, and more.

The London-based esports and gaming agency will focus on helping brands build relationships that create experiences in the “metaverse of gaming and esports” that go beyond “standardized activations and static assets.”

“We live in a world where you can answer emails in space,” Santicchia wrote in a social media post announcing his new company. “So why recreate the limitations of the physical world inside of the digital one? This is the untapped potential of gaming and esports.”

Santicchia has more than nine years of experience working with companies to secure partnerships and sponsorships at companies such as Innovation Enterprise, Soccerex, and Cognitive Network Solutions.

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