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Complexity Limit claim the World First Sire Denathrius kill in Castle Nathria

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, has been
out for a little over a month – and just over a week ago, the first raid opened
its doors to Mythic contenders in the race to World First – with all the effort
culminating today.

On December 15th and 16th, the Mythic
difficulty of Castle Nathria opened for North American and European World of
Warcraft servers, respectively. With this, came another iteration of the race
to World First, which involves multiple guilds trying their hardest to attain
the kill on the final boss before the rest. One thing to note is that the mythic
difficulty is far tougher than the previous three: LFR, Normal and Heroic, with
the final boss having a secret phase – never seen during beta testing by the
public eye.

For the last week, teams have been fighting tooth-and-nail
but two quickly pulled out ahead – Complexity Limit and Echo, one possibly more
well-known than the other. However, Echo are an extremely well-known group of
players who were once part of the infamous Method guild who have claimed
multiple World First kills within the game.

Multiple guilds streamed their race via Twitch, allowing
viewers to witness the amazing fights in action and maybe catch a glimpse of
the race being won. However, Echo made an executive decision to not stream
yesterday, knowing that the NA Limit team would get an advantage from their
earlier reset and possibly utilise any great strategies too. But that did not
matter as Limit went into today set for some absolutely amazing pulls and were
able to claim the first kill for themselves as Sire Denathrius fell.

Here’s a list of the classes the 20-player group utilized for their massive achievement (thanks to Wowhead and Raider.io):

  • 2 Tanks: Protection Warrior and Vengeance Demon Hunter
  • 4 Healers: 1 Restoration Shaman, 2 Holy Paladins, 1 Discipline Priest
  • 6 Melee DPS: 4 Unholy Death Knights, 1 Windwalker Monk, 1 Arms Warrior
  • 8 Ranged DPS: 3 Marksmanship Hunters, 2 Boomkin Druids, 1 Fire Mage, 2 Affliction Warlocks.

Unfortunately for Rogues, they were the only class left out of the equation in this extremely difficult fight but that’s not to say that they were not a great choice in general. As we continue to learn about everything that Shadowlands has to offer, we will have to wait to see if Complexity Limit will continue to dominate the World First races or if Echo, or someone else, will take Shadowlands by storm. Congratulations to Limit on their fantastic achievement.

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