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CoD: Atlanta FaZe Announce $100K Warzone Season 3 Gold Rush Tournament

FaZe will be kicking off Warzone Season 3 with a bang, hosting two tournaments this week.

Today, Atlanta FaZe announced two new Warzone tournaments to kick off Season 3. The $100K Gold Rush and $50K Cash Grab will see some of the best Warzone players and content creators compete for these massive prize pools.

$100K Gold Rush

The massive $100K Gold Rush will kick off at 4PM ET on Thursday April 22nd. This tournament will see Duos compete for their share of the Prize Pool. And it will feature some of the biggest names in Warzone; such as Nickmercs, Swagg, Booya, Aydan, HusKerrs, Tommey, TeePee and many more.

Perhaps the biggest part of this tournament is how the prize money will be paid. Winners will receive their prize in the form of custom 1-kilogram gold bars, presented in a one-of-a-kind display case. This makes Atlanta FaZe’s Gold Rush even more enticing to win, so we’ll see some of the best competition ever.

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$50K Cash Grab

The competition continues on April 23. With some of the biggest international streamers including FaZe Testy, MoonRyde, Low4n and more compete for their share of $50K. This will be the same format as the Gold Rush. Plus, it gives international streamers a great opportunity to get involved.

Tune into the $100K Gold Rush and $50K Cash Grab tournaments on Call of Duty and FaZe Clan’s Twitch Channels. The action kicks off from 4PM ET through 9:30ET, as the best in the business go head to head.

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