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Character Design Lead for VALORANT provides new details about Killjoy's abilities

With Killjoy nearing entry into VALORANT as the games 12th agent, Riot Games’ Character Design Lead for the title, Ryan “Morello” Scott, provided some insight into how Killjoy’s abilities will work.

In a Q&A stream from his channel on July 31st, Morello answered questions from chat regarding the new agent. Most of these questions were of course focused on how exactly were the abilities we’d been shown in the trailer going to work in real game scenarios.

A reddit user by the name of Funkyfreshprince provided an overview of the ultimate which he summarized from Morello which can be found below.

So basically once it starts you’ll have 13 seconds to either find it and destroy it or get out of a dodge. If you fail to do so, you will be stuck.

In terms of Killjoy’s turret ability, Morello explained you can definitely peak and destroy it without it detecting you and getting shots off. “You can definitely sliver-peek it — you can see it before it sees you, if you’re working perfectly slow. And you can shoot it when it does that.” The turret has a 0.75 second delay on firing which could give the perfect peaks an opportunity to take it down before it can react. In addition, the turret has a 180-degree cone line of sight and therefore in some situations may be able to be circumnavigated.

When asked whether smokes or flashes would block line of sight for the turret, Morello explained that while he’s unsure about flashes, smokes can definitely be used to block off vision for it, rendering it useless for the time being. “It uses the same line of sight rules as the Boombot, which has a player’s sight kind of simulator on it. So you can definitely smoke it too.”

Moving onto the Alarmbot and Nanoswarm, he was asked whether the former could be shot to which he responded that both abilities are “stealth deployables.” He explained that this means they’re like Cypher’s traps, “if you get close enough to it, it will be visible. Then you can shoot it to interact with it. So that’s how you can stop the post-plant Nanoswarm, and you can do that instead of being hit by the debuff from the Alarmbot as well.”

With these new details in mind, it certainly helps to paint a better picture of what Killboy is bringing to the table.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Killjoy will fit? Is she too powerful or too weak? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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