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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Crossplay Beta Updates

With the Black Ops Cold War beta becoming free to everyone tomorrow, Treyarch has announced some of the latest changes to the game

In the second weekend of the Black Ops Cold War beta, players have been granted access to new modes, maps and weapons. However, with the beta becoming open to all tomorrow, Treyarch has made some bug fixes and changes to the Scorestreak system following feedback from day one of the second weekend.


Scorestreaks have been a major talking point in the Black Ops Cold War beta so far, being one of the biggest systems to be changed for this year’s Call of Duty. While it is different from others, Treyarch believes that maybe it is too hard to reach the top streaks and too easy to reach the lower ones. Because of this, they have increased the cooldown on Spy Planes to reduce the number on the map at once and increased the score rewards for streaks of six, seven, eight and nine kills, therefore rewarding players for going on long killstreaks. They have also adjusted the cost of all scorestreaks in the beta. This does not mean this will be their cost come release, but it will show which scorestreaks are too hard or too easy to earn.

New Content

From Saturday to Monday, the level cap will be increased to 40 and Control will be added as a playable game mode. Control is one of the fan-favorite modes from Treyarch’s previous game, Black Ops 4. Control is a mix between Domination and Search and Destroy. There is an attacking and defending team, with two capturable areas and the first team to three rounds wins. The attacking team must capture both areas, however, both teams only have a certain amount of lives, if a team runs out of lives, they lose. With the level cap increase comes double XP for both levels and weapons. This makes it much easier to rank up and unlock all the attachments possible for your weapons.

Following the beta’s conclusion, we will only have three weeks left to wait until we can get our hands on the full release of Black Ops Cold War. With the changes to Warzone, full map and weapons list and progression still to be announced, we have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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