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Bwipo talks about Fnatic's poor performance and takes responsibility

The second round of the League of Legends European Championship Summer Split just started after a week off, and all the teams put now all their efforts on their race to Playoffs.

This split has been one of the closest and most even splits in LEC’s history. When the first round finished, Mad Lions and Rogue were both leading the classification 7-2; sharing the third position, we had Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports, with a score of 5-4 each; and in the fifth position, there were five teams with the same score: Origen, Excel, Fnatic, SK Gaming and Team Vitality (all going 4-5).

Only Schalke 04 had fallen behind, being able to win only one game in the whole first half.

These results give us an overview of the LEC situation, where the big teams are failing and rookie teams like Mad Lions are having great success. Precisely, one of the favorites to win the European tournament, Fnatic, lost their game against Schalke 04, and it turned on all the alarms in the legendary organization.

Their negative result in the first half together with the poor performance showed by some of their superstars, created a lot of criticism within the community and Fnatic fans.

Now in an interview with LVP, Fnatic top laner GabriĆ«l “Bwipo” Rau has spoken about their problems.

Despite they won their first game of the second round against Misfits Gaming, we could see again a really poor early game that confirms Fnatic issues.


According to Bwipo, the team is being able to keep alive thanks to the individual talent of their players. He admits the poor performance of Fnatic in the early games, especially his own performance, but he clears one thing: they are always aware of how the game is going.

“If we don’t fall this far behind, we’ll have a much easier time winning. Maybe we are comeback specialists, but I think we are just good playing the game” – Bwipo says – “I think we are just really good playing our individual parts […] and the trust (on each other) comes from recognizing the situations”.

The top laner claims to feel that they always know what is happening, that they are really aware of how the team fights should be if they know how to play their comp.

About the current level of Fnatic, Bwipo says that is very difficult to judge right now since they are having these bad early games, and he also takes responsibility for that.

I’ve noticed that some of the freedom and pressure I bring from toplane is what helps my teammates play much more freely sothey can do their thing, and I feel like I haven’t been playing my lane very well, so as a result of that I am putting more burden on my teammates

Bwipo admits that it is very difficult to point the actual issue of Fnatic, and blames the mistakes they are having on the lane phase, that get to snowball and end up being a big problem in their games.

About the second half of the Summer Split, he is pretty sure about Fnatic’s qualification to Playoffs “whether is top 3 or top 6”, but he also understands that LEC is a competition, and everything could happen due to the fact that they are playing so bad in early games.

For him, it is not completely true that the rookie teams are now much better than the last split, but the top teams are worse instead, which could be a very important factor to take into account when Worlds come: European top teams level is lower.

After this hard statement, Bwipo talked about the criticism they are receiving due to their bad results and actually gave a nice speech about people’s comments that we highly recommend listening to, in order to avoid hurting pro-players’ feelings and contribute to a healthier and more clever community.

In fact, Bwipo claims that he is planning to start streaming this kind of content, where he can explain himself and other players’ mistakes.

” […] defending some other players and their thought processes is something that I would like to do as a player, which is why casting to me is something that I would enjoy doing” – Bwipo says – “as a caster, I would try to remind people why someone did this mistake, why it wasn’t that stupid […]”.

After confessing this “dream” of being the players’ defender, Bwipo talked about their goals for this split, and we can summarize them in two big objectives: to become a professional Riven player and to be a recognizable player at all times of the game, which comes “by creating opportunities that no one else would see, playing the game optimally, and pushing the boundaries of the game”.

We don’t know how things will end up for Fnatic this year, but we can be sure that Bwipo will do his best to lead his team to their peak performance.

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