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Brazilian TV Network Loading Fires More Than 50 Employees, Halts Original Programming – The Esports Observer

 Brazilian TV channel Loading has fired over 50 employees and canceled all original production, including the broadcast of esports programs and competitions. Loading was born in December 2020 with the promise of being a channel on broadcast TV featuring pop culture and esports programming.

A source familiar with the situation tells The Esports Observer that they have heard rumors that Loading was struggling with finances due to the lack of advertising sales. The staff was surprised by a last-time, end-of-day meeting on Thursday, in which Loading management informed employees that it would be shutting down its operations, no original productions and live programs would be aired anymore from that point, and that the entire crew would be let go on May 31. That meeting lasted a total of 10 minutes.

In only six months of existence, Loading shuts down its operations after airing multiple esports competitions including the Brazilian League of Free Fire (LBFF). The news also caught the audience by surprise, as the channel recently announced that it would be broadcasting the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 on May 28 and 30.

In its brief history of existence, the channel has been marked by controversy. In December, as it began its first broadcasts, Loading fired its entire esports journalism crew after only two live programs, claiming they were not aligned with the desired editorial line. As it happened in this case, the staff fired on Thursday reportedly also had not even signed their work contracts yet, even after months in the job.

Loading is a channel belonging to the Kalunga Group, responsible for one of the biggest electronics shops in Brazil and the master sponsor with naming rights to the esports organization RED Canids Kalunga, which owns a spot in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) franchise. The group bought the structure and TV signal from the former branch of MTV in Brazil in a public auction, but has now given up on the investment and shut down operations. 

Sources point out that the communication group Jovem Pan made an offer to buy the TV signal from Kalunga, which accepted and therefore accelerated the shutdown. TEO reached out to Loading to confirm its side of the story but the company has not responded as of this writing. Currently, the channel is broadcasting only anime and other non-original features from its catalog. 


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