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AoE II: TheViper and Hera eliminated from KotD 3; a new king will be crowned next week

In what is turning out to be one of the most unpredictable Age of Empires II tournament of the year, TheViper and Hera have been eliminated from King of the Desert 3. Hosted by MembTV, King of the Desert 3 is a tournament with a prizepool worth $50,000, with all games played on a slightly altered, more open Arabia. This weekend, the group stages ended on Saturday the 17th of October and the quarter finals began on Sunday, the 18th of October. Quarter finals were a best-of-5 affair with the following matchups:

DauT vs Villese
MbL vs dogao
TheViper vs Mr_Yo
Hera vs Liereyy

The quarter finals started with an amazing series between DauT and Villese. DauT lead 2-0, but Villese, who eliminated TaToH 3-0 on Saturday, won three games in a row to win the series 3-2 and advance to the semi finals. MbL taking on dogao was a much one sided affair with MbL winning 3-0. Even though he was the favorite, most would have expected a better fight from the Brazilian dogao, who was just coming off of a 3-1 victory over TheMax in an elimination game on Saturday. MbL will take on Villese in the semi finals in a best-of-7 matchup.

The shock of the day was Mr_Yo defeating the reigning champion, TheViper, 3-0 in the third series of the day. Both are amazing players and the last time these two met, which was in the grand final of Red Bull Wololo, Mr_Yo did win 4-0. But that was a completely different format. TheViper is definitely the favorite in the matchup on random maps. Even though one could expect Mr_Yo to take the series on a good day, no one would have predicted a clean sweep against TheViper. With the winner of KotD 2 eliminated, we will now get to see a new king coronated at the end of next weekend. The Norwegein was humble in defeat and acknowledged he hadn’t performed his best on the day.

I feel like I'm in great shape in general, but my performance today was just so disappointing and frustrating. Sorry to everyone who was cheering for me, I'll try to figure out what's wrong and come back stronger.

Grats to Yo and gl to the rest of the players in the tourney!

In the final series of the day, Hera lost 2-3 against Liereyy in a what was a very evenly matched quarter final. It could have gone either ways, but the Austrian held his own in the final game of the day to secure a spot in the semi finals and a contest against Mr_Yo. Hera also took the defeat in a spirited way and cheered for his opponent and team mate to go ahead and win the whole thing.

Wp To Lierrey, best of luck to win the whole thing buddy! #Tempowin Stills

Originally, TheViper, Liereyy, Mr_Yo and Hera were destined to meet in the semi finals, but Liereyy’s loss to DauT and Mr_Yo’s loss to MbL in the group stages messed up the brackets and put the top four seeds in the same half of the bracket. Just three more games to go before we find out who the new king is. Saturday, the 24th of October will feature the two best-of-7 semi finals and Sunday the 25th is when the best-of-11 grand final will be played.

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