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Amber Howard Named Head of Talent at TalentX Gaming

TalentX Gaming, the joint venture between ReKTGlobal and TalentX, has hired former Abrams Artists Agency talent agent Amber Howard as head of talent for the company. Howard is looking to attract and grow a diverse, A-list roster of esports athletes and gaming influencers, creators and streamers, in helping to develop talent.

At Abrams, Howard gave direction to the agency in esports and gaming, creating its own dedicated department for talent. Prior to Abrams, Howard worked in the esports and gaming department at Warner Bros. digital gaming arm, Machinima, working on crossover projects like FOX’s Kicking & Screaming and casting for Machinima’s property Transformers: Combiner Wars.

Howard will bring a roster of diverse talent to TXG including Harris Heller of Alpha Gaming and women like Latina gamer Natalie “ZombiUnicorn” Casanova, pro ballerina turned gamer Mari “AtomicMari” Takahashi, and Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler, a 14-year-old deaf Fortnite pro who Howard signed as the first female gamer to join FaZe Clan.

Additionally, Howard is also bringing GAMEMASTER, a gaming reality competition that is set to air on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch, to TXG.

Last May, digital-driven entertainment TalentX Entertainment expanded into the gaming world when it partnered with ReKTGlobal to launch the new joint venture TalentX Gaming.

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