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Ahri and Udyr new VFX coming with Patch 10.15

This week we have known some of the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments that next League of Legends Patch 10.15 will bring. But in the list provided by Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter, we couldn’t see one of the big surprises that the new version will bring: Ahri and Udyr will have new visual effects and animations from next Patch.

These changes are currently being tested on PBE, and they look pretty cool.

Udyr’s New VFX


As we can see in the video, we start with softer auto-attack animations with every Udyr’s form. Also, the animal shapes that belong to each transformation are cleaner and simpler when they appear, but the biggest visual change is the one with Udyr’s shield (Tortoise form).

The new animations are quite similar in every skin, but Udyr’s legendary skin, “Spirit Guard Udyr”, is especially amazing. Now we can finally say that Udyr has a legendary skin.

Ahri’s New VFX


Ahri will also have softer auto-attack effects, but the first thing we have to realize is her new orb, which is less ‘shiny’ and thus, looks smaller.

Nevertheless, the animation for Ahri’s Q – “Orb of Deception” is shinier in the new version, and it leaves a “light tail” behind while moving, like a comet.

Another big VFX update for the Nine-Tailed Fox is her E – “Charm”, it now looks much cleaner, and the hearts also simpler. The same thing happens with Ahri’s Ultimate “Spirit Rush”.

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