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Activision sent content creators an old school slide projector to tease the new Call of Duty

The reveal must be coming soon.

Activision’s marketing department is at it again. The company sent certain content creators a locked box that couldn’t be opened until today and its contents tease the next Call of Duty game.

The box was sent out last week to content creators like NoahJ456, who had over 100,000 viewers on YouTube today as he opened it. It couldn’t be opened until 11am CT today when a text message revealed the lock code. When the box was opened, it revealed an actual 1950s-era projector and 10 different slides.

CoD coverage site CharlieIntel also received a box and posted images of it on Twitter. They received a different projector than NoahJ456, but everyone who received a box had to plug in the projector and set it up to reveal what was on the slides.

Unsurprisingly, the slides contain more teasers—and it looks like there’s more to be discovered within them over the coming days. The slides contain what looks like the overheads of maps, plus letters and other images that need to be somehow decoded. NoahJ456 theorized that one of the slides looked like the map Summit, a classic multiplayer map from Black Ops.

With the days in August ticking away, a reveal for the new CoD is likely coming soon. Rumors and the slides themselves suggest a Cold War-era setting, which would fit with leaks that say the new title is called Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

This article will be updated as more information about the contents of the slides is revealed.

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