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A Battle Pass extension, the Arcana Vote reveal and Immortal Treasure III release

This coming weekend, we were originally set to see the culmination of The
International 10 Battle Pass, but Valve have now made an announcement which
extends its duration – also teasing the Arcana Vote winner and giving us the
final Immortal Treasure.

While we already know the bad news of The International 10 not occurring this year, Valve have now given us one thing to smile about as they increased the duration of the current Battle Pass. Originally ending this weekend, Saturday September 19th, 2020, Valve have confirmed that the BP will continue on for an extra three weeks – setting the new end date to October 9th. Alongside this, in their announcement, they included that the victor of the Arcana Vote – which ended over a week ago, would finally be revealed as Faceless Void and Spectre fought it out in the grand final.

Finally, after 114 days of the Battle Pass, Valve revealed the Immortal Treasure III, which is now available in game, featuring some amazing items.

Regular items:

  • Perversions
    of the Bloodwhorl – Lich – Sinister Gaze (Head slot)
  • Sagas
    of the Cymyurrin Sage – Oracle – Purifying Flames (Head slot)
  • Eye
    of Ix’Yxa – Pugna – Life Drain (Head slot)
  • Stuntwood
    Symbiont – Treant Protector – Overgrowth (Head slot)
  • Rabid
    Watchcog – Clockwork – Hookshot (Weapon slot)
  • B.U.S.T.E.R
    – Gyrocoptor – Homing Missile (Missile compartment slot)

Rare Reward:

  • 50
    Battle Pass Levels

Very Rare Reward:

  • Golden
    Eye of Ix’Yxa – Pugna – Life Drain (Head slot)

Ultra Rare Reward:

  • Solar
    Gyre – Phoenix – Fire Spirits and Icarus Dive (Wing slot)

Cosmically Rare Reward:

  • Emblem
    of Divinity

With the prize pool coming to a complete halt over the past three days, stopping
at $36,671,715 after day 111 – which would have been the time period of TI9’s BP
ending, it seems that TI10’s is back on track to possibly reach a massive new
milestone. With a new Battle Pass Bundle giving players a chance for 60 levels
at a 30% discount. While we may not have TI10 this year, at least we have an extension
on our Battle Pass, a release date for the Arcana Vote winner and, finally, the
Immortal Treasure III.

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