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72-Hour Fishing Camp Dominates Twitch: Weekly Twitch Top 10s, July 13-19

A unique German event overtook all other streaming channels this week thanks to the combination of popular streamers and fishing.

On the content side of things, the status quo remained largely intact, save for minor blips caused by the launch of a new single player title and the overwhelming popularity of a fishing camp.

Twitch’s Top Channel – TheRealKnossi

German content creator Jens “Knossi” Knossalla skyrocketed to the top of Twitch thanks to a collaboration between himself and other German influencers – a 72-hour streaming event centered around fishing called AngelCamp. Knossalla along with several other prominent figures including Twitch Top 10 regular Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris headed to the lake for a weekend of fishing complete with challenges and live music. Popular German hip-hop artist Sido (real name Paul Würdig) was in attendance for the event.

Knossalla’s Twitch channel was live for 73-straight hours to broadcast the event, generating 10.45M hours watched.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

Once again, Just Chatting remains uncontested as the top Twitch streaming category, generating over 40M hours watched. Indeed, much of the Top 10 remained intact. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fell out of the top three, restoring Fortnite to its usual position, and the latest popular single-player release – Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima – cracked the Top 10 to place seventh with 12.57M hours watched. As is typically the case for single player titles, the game will drop out of the Top 10 within a week or two once streamers have either completed it or simply moved on to the next release.

Notably, the Special Events category made a Top 10 appearance entirely off the back of the 10M+ hours watched generated by Knosalla’s AngelCamp.

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