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$4.5M Rocket League Championship Series Season X to be Featured on ELEAGUE

After an overhaul of the Rocket League Championship Series format, ELEAGUE has been tabbed to feature the $4.5M USD Rocket League Championship Series Season X, live on Twitch. As part of the production, ELEAGUE will showcase live coverage of select matches from the RLCSX starting on Aug. 1 at noon EST.

ELEAGUE will stream 18 days of the “Fall Split” for the RLCSX that sees the format changed from a franchise-like based model to an open circuit where any team can join coming up through qualification matches.

Production talent will be led by host Tom “F.” Badinger along with analysts Emile “Cole” Cole, Demar “iDazerin” Williams, Mark “Markydooda” Exton, Sean “Spaceman” Rogers, Sean “Stax” Stackhouse, Alex “Stumpy” Knight, Travis “Subie_Smash” Hale and Jason “SUP3RSoN1K” Burns. 

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