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Game Infomation

Goodgame Empire is a strategy-medieval based gamedeveloped by Goodgame Studios. In this game you can build your own castle, create a powerful army andfight to the glory and conquer all kingdoms. Crush your enemies, conquer lands and increas the dominance of a mighty empire!


You begin with a small castle. You have 3 base resources: wood, stone and food. With stone and wood you can upgrade your buildings and with your food you manage your soldiers to can conquer the map. Main things you have to do is attacking and growing up to be a legend(from level 70). The best important things in this, food, a good alliance, rubies and coins. If you have all of that you can be easily a strong player. Let see what we need to do when we begin a new castle:

1.Do all missions from the book of quests.

2.Buy rubies (rubies are the premium coin of this game)

  1. Find a good alliance (you can from level 5. If you cant is a bug and you need to wait until you reach level 14,15,16. If that does not work yhen make another account.)
  2. Attack Non-Player Castles’s (Examples: Robber Barron Castles, Samurais, and Nomads) At a low level of the players that NPC castle are weak so with a low number of soldiers you can get a lot of coins, resources, tablets and tokens). You can get very good things.

5.Spy every time before attacking. You cant know how much defense the enemy has without it. Also make the max amount of taverns you can obtain to spy a enemy without being detected often and wasting money.

  1. To know the new task, click the character icon with “New assigments” line. Always pay attention to the messages of counselors whenever you see the “New Message” line.
  2. If you want to play with friends and you want to profit from it there is an option to send to them a link to play the game. If they make an account and they reach a certain level level you will earn gifts.
  3. Decorative Items are very important because they increase the production of wood, stone, and food of your respective castle. Try to put as much decorative items as you can.

9.Put more that one guardhouse. (try 4) It is not good to be spied on easily or sabotaged.

  1. 10. Be active. Try to play everyday


All actions in the game are done via mouse clicking.

Have fun!